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Social Theory Insights to Social Workers

Social work is a helping profession and therefore it is concerned about fostering social justice, equality, and non-discrimination. The profession is influenced by several theories including social and social work theories. Social theories can give social workers insights into different situations that affect people, groups, or clients. Some of the issues that societies or social groups face and that are of interest to social work are inequality, social justice, discrimination, and disadvantage. Social inequality is a situation in which rewards and opportunities are unequally presented or distributed for different social positions or statuses within a group or society. Social inequality may come in different forms including gender inequality, income inequality, and ethnic/racial inequality. On the other hand, social justice has a lot to do with fairness, equal opportunities and equal rights. The following section briefly discusses social theory insights to social workers to understand issues of inequality, disadvantage and social justice.

Social Theory and the Insights They Can Give to Social Workers to Understand Issues of Inequality, Disadvantage and Social Justice

With regard to social theories, there are several questions or issues that social workers can ask with regard to social theory and the insights they can give to social workers:

  • Which social theories influence social work?
  • How can social theory give social workers insight to understand issues of inequality, disadvantage and social justice within an area of social work practice?
  • What is the relationship between social policy, sociological theory and social work practice?
  • How does social policy in the UK influence social work practice in relation to inequality, social justice, discrimination, and disadvantage?
  • What do the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) or the Professional Association for Social Work and Social Workers (BASW) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) say about equality, social justice, and discrimination?
  • How do social theories influence one’s personal practice as a social worker?

One of the many theories that influence social work and social work practice is the social conflict theory, or simply, the conflict theory. Social conflict theory basically views society as being unequal and proposes that this inequality is a source of conflict and contributes to social change. This is one among a number of theories that social workers in different areas of practice or dealing with specific user groups can rely on to understand issues of inequality, social justice, discrimination, and disadvantage.

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