PESTEL Analysis U.S. Market Parcels Delivery Using Drones

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Title: PESTLE Analysis of the U.S. Parcels Delivery (Using Drones) Services Market Publisher: SolvitOnline
Year: 2018
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Word Count: Approx. 3,100 words (Excluding. exec. summ, title page, references)
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Are you looking for a pestle analysis example for parcels delivery using drones? This is a PESTLE Analysis U.S. Market Parcels Delivery Using Drones paper. The paper analyses all the six pestle factors and presents both an executive summary and management recommendations. This pestle analysis example can give you an idea of what to write when analysing the U.S. courier and parcels delivery market or  U.S. parcels delivery using drones market. This paper specifically focuses on the U.S. market. You can rely on it to jump start your research on a similar market or industry. Below is the executive summary of the paper and here is a preview of the paper. Important note, the paper does not contain pestle analysis theory and only focuses on the actual analysis.

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Executive Summary

Lifty Ride intends to venture into the parcels delivery business in the U.S. market as part of its growth strategy. Instead of using trucks and vehicles to deliver parcels, the company plans to use drones to deliver parcels. In order to establish how suitable the U.S. market is for this kind of business, the company needs to conduct an analysis of the external business environment of the market using PESTLE.  This report presents the results of the pestle analysis and several recommendations that Lifty Ride should consider implementing. Based on the results of the pestle analysis, the U.S. courier and parcel delivery services industry will be worth £90 billion in 2020 and is growing both in terms of volumes (5-7 percent annually) and revenues (5% compounded annual rate). The market is, therefore, economically attractive, also considering other factors such as consumer confidence, consumer spending, and level of inflation. The market is also politically stable and has a huge population of persons in the 15-64 age category, which is the group that most require parcel delivery services. Based on the analysis, it is recommended that Lifty Ride proceeds with its plan to venture into the parcels delivery business (using drones).

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3 reviews for PESTEL Analysis U.S. Market Parcels Delivery Using Drones

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    Wow! Thanks. I got just what I needed just in time.

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    I like it. It’s more comprehensive than I thought, it exceeded my expectation.

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    I liked it. I wish it was updated to capture 2019 data.

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